Application is now open for 4th year Bachelor students who wish to do research with us during their Master program starting in 2020. If you are a 2nd/3rd year Bachelor student or a Master student and wish to apply, please contact Nadia Chirkova for admission information.

The main directions of research in our group include Deep Learning and Bayesian Methods, Optimization in Machine Learning, Structured Prediction, and Reinforcement Learning. For now, we work only with Russian-speaking students from Moscow universities.

Admission process (all steps of the process are in Russian):

  1. Complete the application form online.
  2. Write a scientific report on a topic which we will send you after the 1st step. Report format details.
  3. We will invite you to an oral interview.
  4. The best applicants will be selected to participate in a summer internship. This internship is a kind of probation: you will work on a research project with a curator from our group and we'll see whether we are a good match. The internship may be skipped in extra cases.

The deadline for the scientific report is May, 12 June, 1. Please send your report to Nadia Chirkova with the tag [AdmissionReport]. We will organize interviews in the beginning of June and notify the applicants accepted to the internship in June.

If have any questions, please contact Nadia Chirkova. Please, use the tag [BayesGroupAdmission] in a subject of your email.