1. A short paper is accepted to EMNLP 2018

    A short paper "Bayesian Compression for Natural Language Processing" by Nadezhda Chirkova, Ekaterina Lobacheva and Dmitry Vetrov was accepted to EMNLP 2018, and will be presented in Brussels during the main conference.

  2. Professor Vetrov gave a talk at Google DeepMind

    Dmitry Vetrov was invited to give a talk at Google DeepMind. He presented recent results on Bayesian Deep Learning our group has discovered.

  3. BayesGroup has joined forces with Samsung AI Center

    Samsung has officially opened its new Samsung AI Center in Moscow, where among others Dmitry Vetrov and our group will be involved in research on Bayesian Methods and Deep Learning.

  4. A paper is accepted to ACL 2018

    A paper "Conditional Generators of Words Definitions" by Artyom Gadetsky, Ilya Yakubovskiy and Dmitry Vetrov was accepted to ACL 2018, and will be presented in Melbourne later this year.

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